Crown and Full Moon

The Boss Bar Soap


The BOSS BAR is serious soap for serious men who deserve the best and like to impress.

This is NOT your average, bottom shelf, supermarket soap that will leave you smelling like you did when you were 4 years old and in your PJ's.

This is a man's soap.

Leave home everyday feeling like you're clean cut and fresh from the barber.

The base is made from activated coconut charcoal and inspired by carbon fibre textures of a supercar – to leave you smelling great and act as a grip.

Keep one of these on hand and let that special someone know, they're in a real man's bathroom.

Get yours in the post today.

  • Feel clean cut and fresh from the barber.
  • Activated charcoal + carbon fibre inspired grip.
  • The perfect everyday man soap.

Our ingredients list here

Handmade | Vegan | SLS/SLES Free | Cruelty Free | Activated Charcoal | Australian Made


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