Crown and Full Moon

Lavender Rose Soap


Do You Want To Feel Seductive Tonight Or Actually Impress Someone Special In Seconds?

Luxurious, Scented and Handmade.

"I created this Premium Rose Soap with vegan ingredients that were carefully selected and added an irresistible scent that I know will pamper your senses, awaken your inner romantic and set a sensual mood. They will know that it's about to be your 'me' time. For me, I know it lifts my mood anytime of the day!" – Amiel, Founder.

We like using this Rose Soap as a whole but many of us love peeling it petal by petal. Yes, you can tear off each petal! Try it for yourself today.

Our unique soap will impress your guests and instantly add sophistication to your bathroom and indoor spaces.

Grab A Box And Pamper Your Body Now.

  • Seductive Rose Soap with irresistibly scented soft petals that you can instantly peel.
  • Immediately soothing Lavender Essential Oil Scent perfectly crafted to pamper you at anytime.
  • Vegan, Cruelty Free, SLS/SLES Free.

Our ingredients list here

Perfect Everyday, Special Occasions, Valentines, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, Weddings, Bridal Parties, Christmas, Thank You, Corporate Gift, Hampers, Spa Kit Lavender Rose Soap Flower Scented With An Immediately Soothing Lavender Essential Oil Scent Perfectly Crafted To Pamper You At Anytime.



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